hotel iran

این آگهی منقضی شده است .
hotel iran
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این آگهی منقضی شده است .

hotel iran

Introduction to Hotel

With 3000 square meters of floor space Ferdowsi Grand Hotel was first opened. Renovations and improvements have brought pleasant and modern changes yet we have also the touch of Persian heritage as well. This six story high hotel has 220 rooms, suites, and royal suites and restaurants. We offer traditional and modern Iranian cuisine and well as international cuisine and a buffet.

There are several dinning and modern conference halls as well as swimming pool, jacuzzi, and sauna and other recreational and sporting facilities plus fast, wireless with Wi-Fi technology for connecting to the internet. And finally with plenty of parking in out multi level parking facility we have secured our ranking amongst the highest in the country.


اطلاعات آگهی

این آگهی منقضی شده است ...
  • ثبت کننده :
  • آدرس : tehhran-
  • استان : سایر
  • تلفن : (+9821) 61016
  • ایمیل :
  • قیمت :
  • تعداد بازدید : 15448

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